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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!


[NEWS] We open a new Technical Center in Madrid!

We have moved to a brand new building in Madrid!

It was time to move. After six years in our old office located in Getafe, we needed a new, wider, greener, better location for our technical projects in Madrid.Our new location at CHARMEX GREEN BUILDING in Getafe allows us to cope with the stable growth of our activities and our interest in having a better, more comfortable work environment for all our staff and customers visiting us.

This new location complies with our new GO GREENER initiative by SONOVISION SPAIN for a better world. Our new office is certified as LEED – Gold Category, this allowing us to reduce our  environmental footprint a 35% thanks to the features of this new building. It allows us to implement a more efficient security management system. And it looks great!

Our new location is:

C/ Miguel Faraday 20

Parque Empresarial La Carpetania

Getafe – MADRID

Come to visit us, you will be welcome!


[NEWS] We wish you Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Successful New Year!


[NEWS] Introduction to RAMS Analysis Course

Véase la información en español


[NEWS] INNOV’O: Join the 2016 Challenge!

Anticipate customer needs, improve existing solutions, design more efficient processes, are all challenges that nourish ORTEC Group’s spirit of innovation. The Ortec Group has many structures and skills dedicated to the development of innovations, and also calls on the creativity of each of its employees. Ortec has created Innov’O to call for ideas and to incorporate them into the enterprise’s innovation program, and SONOVISION participates on it. Zoom on the origins of the Good Ideas competition!

A challenge, a prize and a state of mind – a close look at Innov’O

Innov’O is one of the Ortec Group’s internal mechanisms dedicated to innovation. In parallel with work done at the Innovation Technical Division, the Innovation Club, the Ortec Digital Committee and events such as the Café de l’Innovation (Innovation Coffee), the purpose of Innov’O is to encourage innovation. How is it different? It is open to all Group employees.

The Innov’O starting concept is that: a good idea can come from anywhere! Innov’O is designed in the form of a challenge from the field, branch offices, design offices and any office at all. Ideas originating from the field may apply to a tool, a service or a working method, and reflect reality and the daily life of employees of the Group, their own needs and the needs of their customers. This is why the Ortec Group pays special attention to these ideas. The searched criteria are improved efficiency, productivity or safety. The objectives are to implement ideas in all the Group’s branch offices, to renew itself and to offer increasingly appropriate and efficient services.

Innov’O Challenge – how does it work?
The Innov’O great idea award was first promoted in 2014. Employees are able to put their ideas on a web site at any time during the year. Ideas are recorded on the site by category and by theme. Once a project has been submitted, it enters a validation circuit. Branch office managers, trade experts and Department managers preselect ideas before forwarding them to the Innov’O selection committee that analyses and evaluates them. Rewards are given for the best ideas. The Innovation Technical Division then works on practically setting up and developing these projects.

A permanent ideas laboratory
The Innov’O challenge does not stop after an idea has been put forward. The procedure has its daily life. Innov’O correspondents continue their work throughout the year to anchor the spirit of innovation. Their role is to inform, encourage and advise employees through mini-conferences, videos, discussion sessions, Innovation Weeks… This is because today’s idea can become tomorrow’s innovation.

The approach has been expanding ever since the Challenge was created. Each edition of the competition attracts more ideas and innovative projects. Innov’O has become a permanent ideas laboratory, and is now a state of mind, a way of thinking and sharing… making innovation into a pleasure.

Innov’O in numbers: .
Created in 2014
956 ideas suggested in 2015
50 ideas retained as “Good ideas”
11 ideas selected for the challenge
74 out of 150 participating Branch Offices

Let’s join Innov’O 2016 challenge!


[NEWS] S1000D & S-SERIES User Forum 2016 concluded with interesting results

The Forum organized by TEDAE and ASD in Seville about S1000D and S-Series -S2000M – S3000L – S4000P – S5000F – S6000T and S1000X- came to an end last week after four intense days of conferences and meetings, exchange of experiences in Technical Data production systems and discussions about future development and new technologies integration.

SONOVISION closed their presence with an excellent result, in terms of participation, new products presentation and visitors.

The main Technical Data actors in aeronautics, naval, defense and other industrial business attended this meeting to get the last up-to-date information about S1000D current development. Naval and aeronautics OEMs and vendors, aircraft operators, S1000D software developers and technical data producers joined to share their experience and needs.

It was a great opportunity to know the current S1000D parent organizations AIA, ATA and ASD who presented different briefings about their internal structures and task forces,  the current S1000D 4.2 standard planning and modularization concept, and, most interesting and challenging, the introduction to the future architecture of S-SERIES Specifications and how to work them together with S1000D.

More than 60 speakers presented different topics. For SONOVISION it was a great opportunity to present the new stand-alone Component Maintenance Manual concept based on portable devices, and new Augmented Reality applications compatible with S1000D, together with the experience in developing S1000D technical data projects. Jordan Cave (SONOVISION CANADA) presented different experiences during his conference “Implementing an S1000D Solution for Component Data Under Real World Conditions”, explaining real questions, difficulties and decisions that can be faced in the implementation of a S1000D technical data development.

Rodrigo Casarrubios (SONOVISION SPAIN) presented the conference “Augmented Reality in S1000D: Integration is possible!” introducing a possible next shift in technical publications technology, based of Augmented Reality. The main conclusions were challenging: Augmented Reality will become a standard technology very soon, AR technology can be incorporated into Technical Data and S1000D can address it and allow a cost-effective integration, and Interactive Technical Data may become Technical Data interacting with Reality thanks to AR.

A new S1000D entity is proposed: the concept of “AUGMENTATION” or AR file, composed by Positioning information, 3D model simplified data and additional graphics information, treated within 3D model (e.g. arrows, symbols values, etc.), Motion information, Operation speech (audio) information and other audio information (e.g. ring tones, bells, warnings, etc.).

“Currently S1000D does not address this kind of entity but it should be taken into consideration by the S1000D Task Force in charge of integration of new technologies. ” – stated Rodrigo Casarrubios.

Finally, SONOVISION attended the interesting S-Series case presentation the fourth day.

Specially S3000L and S4000P are totally relevant for the future of different ILS projects that SONOVISION SPAIN currently undertakes for different customers in Spain, and this set of clarifying conferences was a good opportunity to be aware of the potential capabilities of these standards.

We look forward to the next S1000D and S-Series User Forum in June 2017. See you in Amsterdam!

(Pictures by TEDAE and SONOVISION)



[NEWS] SONOVISION GROUP at S1000D User Forum 2016: See you in Seville from 26th to 29th Sept!

We are happy to communicate that SONOVISION will attend the S1000D User Forum & S-SERIES DAY.

The event organized by TEDAE (Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautics, Security and Space Technology Companies) is the annual forum for users of the S1000D specification (in addition to S2000M – S3000L – S4000P – S5000F – S6000T and S1000X) and this year, will take place in Seville from 26 to 29 September (Hotel Meliá Sevilla).

During these days, SONOVISION experts will participate as speakers and we will have the opportunity to present the latest technological advances in technical publications in the S1000D of our company. We are happy to greet you if you were planning to attend, and to share with you in our stand located in the area of exhibitors, our latest developments in augmented reality.

Jordan CAVE (SONOVISION CANADA) and Rodrigo CASARRUBIOS (SONOVISION SPAIN) will act as speakers in different conferences related to S1000D technologies and experiences: “Implementing an S1000D Solution for Component Data under
Real World Conditions” (Tuesday, 27 September) and “Augmented Reality in S1000D: Integration is possible!” (Wednesday, 28 September 2016).

Jordan Cave has worked in the Aerospace documentation field for the last 16 years. In his current role as Director of Operations for Sonovision Canada, he oversees all S1000D projects from beginning to end and is involved in all facets of S1000D development. Throughout his career, he has worked with both large and small equipment manufacturers to provide tailored S1000D development support as well as S1000D training and mentoring. Jordan has also been responsible for the complete development of S1000D infrastructure for clients, delivering value added and cost effective solutions. Jordan is currently a member of the Component Maintenance Publication Task Team and has helped author chapters and in the S1000D v4.1 specification.

Rodrigo Casarrubios is Director and Innovation Manager at SONOVISION in Spain (Madrid, Seville). He has a wide experience on supportability and
technical data production management, and leads several development projects and patents on maintenance data and augmented reality. He has previous experience as Part 66 aircraft Maintenance Engineer (B737, ATR42/72), Airworthiness Fleet Manager and Flight Support Manager at different Spanish airlines.

See you in Seville!


[NEWS] Sonovision Spain confirmed by IVECO DEFENCE as ILS PLANNING provider for military vehicles.

After a long preparation period, Sonovision Group has been selected by IVECO DEFENCE for the long-term development of Integrated Logistics Support Planning of all-terrain mid and heavy trucks that IVECO will manufacture and provide to the Spanish Army during the next years.

Sonovision Ingenieros España, the Spanish subsidiary of Sonovision Group, has supported IVECO during the public tendering that has resulted in its selection by IVECO. This tender has been the first one where the Army Logistics SUpport Command (Mando de Apoyo Logístico Integrado, MALE) imposed so intensive requirements in the frame of the Integrated Logistics Support material to be added to each delivery of different versions of the vehicle.

These requirements cover the full development of the ILS Planning. It comprises, among other topics, the development and management during the life of the contract of different elements as the Functional Configuration, different engineering analyses on Logistics Support, the deveopment of Corrective and Preventive Maintenance Plan, Provisioning and Catalogue, new maintenance and operation Training Material and, overall, an ambitious S1000D Technical Data plan compatible with the future Army standards currenty in progress by the Spanish Army.

In this way Sonovision becomes the first ILS provider capable to develop pans compliant with the ILS requirements that the Army will incorporate to almost all future pubic tender processes for material acquisition.
This project is a result of the important initiative that the Spanish Army undertakes, aimed to achieve an ILS management system as advanced as other top- military operators already use.


[NEWS] Sonovision Spain reinforces its commitment with Quality

The Spanish Association for Quality (Asociación Española para la Calidad, AEC) and sspecifically its Aerospace Comitee, organised the Conference “Organization Models for Quaity Function in Aerospace Industry” at Airbus Group faciities in Getafe (Madrid). This Aerospace Comitee is a recognised frame on quality management and efficiency in the Aerospace Sector.

Sonovision España attended the event in the frame of the development of its Quality area, oriented to the concept of Search of Excelence, beyond a way to achieve any specific certification and as a key differential factor in front of its competitors.

The event consisted in a set of conferences and round tables where different companise and professionals shared about the importance of the quality function and how is it organised in different business models. The specific case of Airbus was anaysed.

Other companise attended the evnt, as Airbus, Airbus DS, Indra, Aciturri, Deimos Space y GTD Sistemas de Información.


[NEWS] Sonovision Spain consolidates international presence

After the last ten-years growth period of the aeronautic business in Spain, the activities related to aeronautic engineering seem to reach a turning point on local markets. In this environment, Sonovision Ingenieros España consolidates its international activities already developed in Spanish tecnical centers.

New international Manufacturers have been incorporated to the customers portfolio, in the frame of the Maintenance Engineering and Technical data activities within Integrated Logistics Support services provided by Sonovision Spain.

Sonovision ingenieros España adds now S1000D Technical Data for regional turbojets and specialised Technical Translations for vehicle simuators SW to the products on Maintanability and Techdata that are already produced from spanish technical centres (Madrid, Seville) for international customers (Honeywell, ATR, Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Snecma, etc).

As a member of Sonovision Group , the european leader on Logistics and Documentation Engineering, the export activities mean a growing part of the business turnover for Sonovision Ingenieros España. It has allowed a gobal growth of 1500% in the last five years and will keep allowing possitive growth at sustainable rates in the short and medium terms.