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Products and Services

Sonovision provides Design & Integrated Logistics Support products for each phase and factor that can influence the design, manufacturing, development and  maintenance or operation of aeronautical, defence and transport platforms or industrial applications, carrying out activities ranging from design support and technical publications to in-service support.

We offer a wide range of services:

> CAD / CAE Design & Engineering

> Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety

> Supportability  and Maintenance Engineering

> Tooling and Ground Support Equipment Design, Prototyping, Series Manufacturing 

> Technical Publications and Interactive Electronic Manuals

> Languaje Engineering and Technical Translation Services

> Training and Learning Solutions

> In-Service Support

We know that aeronautical and industrial business requires complex activities and processes, and, for this reason, we develop support plans based on a detailed analysis of our clients’ requirements, always focused on the operations and profitability of the final product.

We stay with our clients throughout their projects’ entire life cycle, helping them to improve their solutions and products.

We understand that each Customer, each need and each project are different and we invest effort with clients to understand their requirements and expectations.  We build flexible teams to support them and adapt a wide variety of solutions to these needs, as Integrated Project Management, On-Site support, Process Industrialization, Off-shoring and Low Cost options, etc.

Our Quality Management System allows full built-in quality-assurance processes specific for each Project in accordance with the current industrial and aeronautical standards.