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Products – Technical Data

Technical Publications – Authoring and illustrating any technical content

Sonovision Spain has an extensive experience on Technical Publications Development under specific technical norms (ATA 100, ATA 200, ATA 2100, S1000D*) for Aircraft and Trains manufacturers, covering:

> Publications Management

> Technical Authoring, Writing and Editing:

    >  Wiring Diagrams

    >  Parts Catalogs

    >  Maintenance Manuals

    >  Structure Repair Manuals

    >  Work Instructions, etc.

 > Translation (Simplified Technical English and other standards)

> Technical Illustrating

> Electronic Publishing to web or other media

> SGML and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Our teams of authors and illustrators work with a variety of standard and customized tools. The Sonovision Group integrated Quality Management System ensures an homogeneous product fully compliant with the customer requirements and standards.

*S1000D is the ASD -AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe- military standard for Tech Pubs data exchange. This specification is data-centric and is focused on data reuse.